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Lilli Pilli - A Preschool Alternative Program (2 hour and 45 minutes drop-off)


Sept 2018 - June 2019
Price per
Price per
Year *
per Month **
Mon - Fri
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Tues, Thurs
Mon, Wed, Fri

* Annual payments made upfront are discounted from individual monthly installments.

** Discount applies only to siblings attending simultaneously.

Click here to download our Emergency Contact Form

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Absences – If your child is absent, whether out sick or you are taking a vacation, there are NO make-ups or tuition adjustments.

Allergies - If your child has allergies, you must notify us in writing.

Application/Registration Process - Who's on First? does not operate solely on a first come first served basis. Our classes only accommodate a maximum of 12 children daily from September to June and during the summer session. Students range from approximately 2-4.5 years old and we designate a certain number of spaces for each age and gender in order to maintain a well-balanced class. It's important that we have a consistent group dynamic setting as this aspect of our program contributes to its effectiveness.

Please complete the Application Form and Emergency Contact Form and return them with one month’s tuition based on your first choice schedule. This tuition will be applied to June so no payment will be due the last month of school. Your next tuition payment is due September 1st. There is a $75 registration fee for new families. Please include this fee at the time of registration if applicable.

We will review your information and determine whether we have an appropriate opening available based on date of submission, your schedule choices, age and gender. If we are able to accommodate your first choice request, your tuition payment will NOT be refunded should you decide to cancel registration and is non-transferable.

If we offer you one of your subsequent schedule choices, you are given 24 hours to notify us if you accept this offer at which point we will process your payment. At that time if a difference in tuition is due, you must remit that balance. Should you cancel your registration thereafter, you will NOT receive a refund.

If you accept our offer of a subsequent schedule choice, but prefer one of your priority schedule choices indicated on your application form, we can place you on a wait-list and advise you if an appropriate opening becomes available.

If you do not accept our offer of a subsequent schedule choice and choose to be placed on the wait list for one of your priority schedule choices, you forfeit your spot and there are no guarantees another opening will become available.

Tuition - Once you've reserved your spot, you must decide which tuition option best suits your needs:

  1. Monthly: submit 9 checks (September - May). Each check is to be dated the first day of each month and will be processed accordingly. These checks are due 9/1.
  2. Annual: remit the total amount for the year upfront (discounted) minus your deposit of June's tuition. This payment is due 9/1. 


1. Submit the following:

- Application/Registration Form
-A tuition check (applied to the month of June) in the amount of your first choice schedule. This is also your deposit to reserve your spot.
- Include the one-time $75 registration fee if you are new to WOF
- The Emergency Contact Form 

2. Wait to hear back from us on placement

3. Once placement is determined, decide which payment option works best for you and remit by 9/1.

4. Submit your child's Medical Form by the first day of class in September.

* We send a welcome packet over the summer with pertinent information to prepare you for the upcoming school year.

Birthdays - To celebrate your child's big day, you may send in goody bags. Please ensure sweets are packaged properly as they will be distributed at dismissal. We do not distribute them during class as many children have allergies or other health issues affected by diet which caregivers must monitor.
In class we sing Happy Birthday, make a birthday crown, give out a birthday card and let the birthday boy/girl choose the special free play activity for the day!"

Calendar – In our welcome letter (sent before the start of the school year) you will receive a list of holidays we are closed for pertaining to the upcoming school year. This information is always available on the bottom of the Policies Page of our website for you to refer to.

Cancellations/Withdrawals - In the event of cancellation at any time during the school year, families are required to give Who's on First? a minimum of 60 days notice. For example, if you advise WOF on December 15th that you will be withdrawing your child on February 15th, you are responsible for January and February's tuition in its entirety. Please also see the section on "Refunds" below.

Closing - The Lilli Pilli program follows the NYC public school schedule for closing due to inclement weather. There are no make-ups due to snow days, illness or vacation.

Clothing - Please clearly label coats, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves - any loose article of clothing.
Please pack an extra set of clothes enclosed in a zip-lock bag clearly labeled with your child's name. We will keep these clothes on site and use if necessary at which point they will need to be replaced.

Dismissal - In the event someone other than yourself or the individuals named on your contact card will be picking up your child, you must submit a signed consent notifying us of this change in advance.

Food - Please pack lunch and/or snacks with a drink in a lunchbox clearly labeled with your child's name.

Health/Immunizations - a health form and immunization record must be completed by your pediatrician and returned to us before the first day of class. Who’s on First? is to be notified of any change in health information.

Illness – If your child is not well, please use your discretion when deciding to keep them home/send them to school. Sending a student to class who is sick will only prolong their illness and spread it to classmates.

Outdoor Play - In the warmer months, if the weather permits, we will take the children outside in the front garden to draw with chalk, play games, have a picnic and observe nature.

Parent/Teacher Conferences - With our small classes, we are able to provide continuous feedback. We schedule parent/teacher conferences per the request of a caregiver and/or at our discretion.

Refunds - When registering for the September-June school year, your June tuition payment and registration fee are non-refundable and non-transferable (see Application/Registration Process). The Summer camp has a different refund policy. Please refer to the Summer registration form on the website.

Sibling Discounts - There is a monthly sibling discount for each additional child who attends simultaneously.

Toys - Please do not send your child to class with any toys unless instructed to do so. It may be the source of conflict among classmates and may become misplaced or damaged.

Tuition - Once you've reserved your spot, you must decide which tuition option best suits your needs:
  1. Monthly: submit 9 checks (September - May). Each check is to be dated the first day of each month and will be processed accordingly. These checks are due 9/1.
  2. Annual: remit the total amount for the year upfront (discounted) minus your deposit of June's tuition. This payment is due 9/1. 

Waitlist – If we can not accommodate your first choice schedule and you choose to be placed on the wait list, we will notify you if an appropriate opening becomes available. If you register but have a preference for a different schedule, we can place you on the wait-list for your preferred schedule.

*All Policies are subject to change and will be posted on our website immediately.


2017-2018 School Calendar (applies to Lilli Pilli Preschool Program only)

Thursday, September 7th- First day of school

Thursday and Friday, September 21st and 22nd- Rosh Hashanah (schools closed)

Monday, October 9th- Columbus Day Observed (school closed)

Tuesday, November 7th- Election Day (school closed)

Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th- Thanksgiving Recess (school closed)

Monday-Monday, December 25th-January 1st- Winter Recess (school closed)

Monday, January 15th- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (school closed)

Friday-Friday, February 16th-23rd- Midwinter Recess (school closed)

Friday-Friday, March 30th-April 6th- Spring Recess (school closed)

Monday, May 28th- Memorial Day (school closed)

Tuesday, June 26th- Last Day of school