44  1st Place (btwn Clinton and Henry)
Brooklyn, New York 11231
phone/fax (718) 243-1432

“Childhood is the world of magic. Self-esteem is the real magic wand that can form a child’s future. A child’s self-esteem affects every area of existence, from the kind of friends she chooses, to how well she does academically in school, to what kind of job she gets, to even the person she chooses to marry.”

Stephanie Martson – The Magic of Encouragement

   Established in 2011, Who's On First? is a Children's Enrichment Studio for children 2 to 4 years old. It is centrally located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn just down the block from acclaimed P.S. 58 and a few blocks away from Carroll Park on a charming tree lined street... 1st Place.

     A family-run business, Kathryn Sennis, has co-founded the studio with her daughter, Nicole Pappas. At the heart of Kathryn and Nicole’s inspiration for the studio is their love of children and desire to create a nurturing and supportive environment for children and their caregivers. Our aim is to enhance self-esteem, problem-solving, socialization and conflict-resolution skills through our Preschool Alternative Program and to foster free expression through art, music, and creative movement.

     Early childhood is the most important phase throughout your child’s lifespan and experiences and environment highly influence abilities through middle childhood, adolescence and into adult life. As the African proverb denotes, “it takes a village to raise a child”. It is our firm belief that an inviting environment, self-directed enrichment activities, a low child to teacher ratio, and a patient approach will enable the discovery of each child’s unique abilities, while having a world of fun!

We are dedicated to strengthening the foundation of your child’s life.

Co-founder, Creative Director

     Kathryn Sennis, L.C.S.W., has worked and resided in Carroll Gardens for over thirty years. Having attained her Master’s degree from Columbia University and licensing to practice individual, child and family therapy in the State of New York, she has thirty years of experience working with young children and families. She has a private practice, has conducted exemplary work in the arena of mental health, coordinated one of the largest treatment programs in the Metropolitan area, as well as has taught on the college level.

     Her extensive experience with young children includes the use of puppets, art, dolls, storytelling, games, dramatics, and music as a means of expression. At Who’s on First?, Kathryn has authored a program wherein these modes of expression have been incorporated so as to enable independent thinking and has created an environment conducive to facilitating self-esteem enhancement, discovery and learning.

     Kathryn is CPR certified.


Co-founder, Director

     Having grown up in lovely Carroll Gardens, Nicole Pappas has been privy to the transformation of the neighborhood throughout the years, and its present day needs. Now a mother of two young children herself, Nicole wanted to create a space where parents and children can come to experience a more personalized, intimate setting offering fun and engaging classes. “I simply thought of what I would want for my own children.”

      Having worked with her father in his DUMBO glass studio throughout her youth, Nicole learned the art of stained and etched glass and completed a myriad of professional projects alongside her father until his passing in 2006. Her appreciation and devotion to Art manifested in her attending The Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied Art History and Merchandising and earned her Bachelor of Science degree. She soon became part of the Home Design team at Ralph Lauren and later joined forces with Gap International, working for the Japan division.

     Her creative strengths and motivation led her to develop her talents in music and dance. She studied classical piano for nine years and became an accomplished dancer, having won multiple awards. "There's nothing more instrumental than building self-confidence." Her goal is to foster a program which instills the value of discovering ones abilities during the most formative years of childhood development.

     Nicole is CPR Certified.

“The Arts are a vital part of children’s education, providing a therapeutic and creative outlet necessary for healthy childhood development. Who’s on First? nourishes this need.”




     Most recently Saia was given the opportunity as a lead pod teacher to students throughout Covid. There, she was able to identify each student's needs and enhance their understanding in each subject area. Saia also has experience teaching after-school enrichment classes for the past two years for preschool aged children. Her love for children, experience teaching, lesson developing and creative thinking has led her to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education at Hunter College. 

     Saia has an undergraduate degree in Acting from Emerson College which enables her to incorporate elements of creative improvisation into her teaching approach. Saia’s artistic nature provides her with the skills necessary for creating new project ideas and innovative lesson plans. Saia’s positive energy helps create a classroom environment where children feel safe and comfortable which enhances their ability to learn, excel and thrive. Saia believes this is the keystone to creating a healthy social, emotional and academic beginning for children. 


"As a new mom, I've been looking for the type of programming offered at
Who's on First? since I moved to the neighborhood," said Andrea Serie, mother of 2 year old Andrew. "I am so thrilled to have found a pre-school like this. The classes are personalized, the teachers are amazing and the studio itself is beautifully done! ."